Warm Up With Gevalia Coffee!

Get a FREE Stainless Steel Coffee Maker & Mug When You Buy 4 Boxes of Coffee For Just $19.95 + S&H!

  • Choose 4 boxes of any hand-crafted Gevalia Coffee or Tea
  • Receive a FREE Gevalia 12-cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker
  • And a FREE Stainless Steel Travel Mug
  • All of it is shipped right to your door!

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Stainless Steel Coffee Maker, Mug & 4 Boxes Gevalia Coffee

’Tis The Season for Gevalia Coffee!

Gevalia has a brand new offer for the holidays, guaranteed to warm you up just in time! With some of the finest coffee and tea available online, you can rest assured you’ll get the freshest taste every time it is delivered right to your door on a schedule you control. You have no obligation or commitment to keep buying Gevalia coffee if you decide it is not to your taste. All you pay to get this great offer is $19.95 + S&H!

This offer comes loaded with two great free gifts and a guarantee: you’ll love your coffee or it is free, no questions asked. You see, Gevalia knows how to make excellent coffee and they want to show you just how dedicated they are to this. By letting you back out anytime if you need, you don’t have to worry. Simply enjoy your coffee every morning on your own time in your own way, knowing Gevalia wants to give you the best coffee drinking experience possible.

How It Works

The way Gevalia works is akin to a coffee subscription membership. You pick your blends that you'd like to receive on the first month along with your coffee maker, carafe & mug. They then roast the coffee for you and ship it to you the next day, so you receive the freshest blend available. If you don't like the coffee, just go ahead and cancel after the first round is delivered. It's really that easy!

What You Get:

Stainless Steel Coffee Maker

Gevalia 12-Cup SS Coffeemaker
- High-tech design
- 12-cup glass carafe
- Programmable clock/timer
- Pause-and-Serve feature
- Auto shut-off
- Black or White
- 11.5"W x 8"D x 16.52"H
Price: $99.95 FREE!

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Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Gevalia Stainless Steel Travel Tumbler You can take it with you! Specially designed to withstand the rigors of driving, children, being run over and even constant use. Sturdy plastic lining and no-drip lid helps keep your coffee where it belongs. 14-oz. capacity.

Price: $14.95 FREE!

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4 Boxes fresh Coffee

4 Boxes Fresh Gourmet Coffee
4 half-pound boxes of fresh gourmet coffee, roasted to order right before it is shipped to your door. Choose from 40 different varieties, roasts and flavors for your coffee!

Price: $29.95 $19.95

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How Does Gevalia Stack Up To The Store?

Feature Gevalia Grocery Store
Freshness A Few Days Old Often over 1 month!
Choice Over 45 Premium Blends! Very Limited
Beans Always Top-Grade Arabica Varies, often unreliably!
Convenience Delivered To Your Home Monthly! You have to go to the store...ew!
Price $22.95 Per Month Far Too High!

The Selection:

  • Roasts and Blends Premium blends roasted to a range of perfectly varied intensities
  • Select Varieties Made with single origin beans from renowned coffee-growing countries
  • Flavored Coffees Eight delicious blends of satisfying coffee and delightfully exotic flavors
  • European Coffeehouse Collection Exclusive coffees inspired by some of Europe's most celebrated coffeehouses

Final Thoughts

This is a great offer for coffee enthusiasts that don't need a lot of accessories and instead would like to taste several new varieties of coffee. Unlike other offers, you get quite a bit of coffee at the start so you can pick and choose to find what you like best. We hope you enjoy your coffee!

Get Your Free Coffee Maker Now!